Do I Need To Be On Social Media Everyday?

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Social media is a big part of a business these days. It’s a great way for potential customers to find out a bit more about your brand, and find out what others think of you, what you stand for and of course what you have to sell. 

Social media is a great way just to check up on a brand to feel comfortable buying from them. To be reassured that they’re genuine, to check out reviews, check out what other people are saying about you. And its the easiest way for you to find and connect to potential customers these days. 

When you first start out it’s easy to get caught up trying to copy established brands that are on every social media platform. This quickly leads to burnout and zero results. As a one person band, you simply can’t do it all. You need to start with a single platform that you put all attention into, learn how it works and grow your audience there. Other platforms can come later when you have the time.

Do You Have To Be On Social Media Every Day?

Well, it’s good to post every day, to keep you in your audience’s mind. No matter which platform you’re on, the social media feeds move pretty fast, so if you don’t show up regularly, you easily get forgotten. 

You need to have to post on social media everyday, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be on social media everyday.

It’s easy to get sucked into scrolling and scrolling through your social feed after you tell yourself that you’re just popping on for a minute to add a post and check your comments. Next thing you now, you’ve lost a whole hour.

It’s draining as well as time consuming.

For me, social media is a bit of a chore. It’s not the favourite part of my business. I’m not an extrovert. I’m fairly introverted and chatting to people I don’t know too well is not something that comes easily to me. But I need to keep my presence on the platform if I want to keep my business moving forward. 

So what I do is I use a social media schedule tool and this makes sure that I have posts going out every day. It means I don’t have to think of a post every day, I can write them all in advance. Then if I want to add something a bit more personal, or i suddenly think of something that i want to tell my audience right now, i can add an extra post that day which will also give my page an extra boost and helps to give my brand a bit more of a personal touch.

But generally speaking, I leave the work to my scheduler because it just makes my life so much easier. And I don’t have to dread the feeling of having to be on social media all the time. 

Scheduling also means that I can be on several platforms at once. I can tailor the post to each platform without having to sit down and physically do the work of being there. Doing it all in advance means that I only need to sit down every couple of weeks and create some posts and pop them in. I even have some posts on a loop so that when I have gaps, it fills them in for me and really saves me having to put mental energy into social media every single day.

I can concentrate on other things that I enjoy far more than being social. I am not the most sociable person so it really doesn’t isn’t a job that I enjoy

What Tools Are There To Schedule Your Posts?

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If you’re only scheduling onto Instagram and Facebook pages, then Meta Business Suite is all you need. It’s free and pretty easy to use. It won’t loop your posts, but you can select an old post to reschedule again without having to edit it in any way. You can’t use business suite to post into your groups though. For that you need to use the schedule button in your groups.

I use RecurPost which does loop posts. It has different packages depending on how many social accounts you want to connect, and will link to all the different social media platforms. I’ve found it really easy to use, and the ability to loop my posts so I can just build up a bank of content so I can set and forget is a must have feature for me now.

There are other schedulers such as Later, SocialBee, Buffer and HooteSuite amongst others. Each has its own benefits and available packages and mist have a free trial. I would suggest trying them out to see which suits you best and which interface you find easiest to use.

Social media is a big part of marketing your business and connecting with your audience. But that doesn’t mean it has to consume all your time and drain your energy. If maintaining your social media presence feels like an endless chore, then make use of the tools available to keep posting on schedule without giving to be constantly present.

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