Building a successful crochet business
What do you make already?
choose a niche
Naming And Branding
Finding the right customers
Using Social Media
where to sell
writing irresistable descriptions
taking photos
Pricing right
know like and trust
Know your numbers
Start a list
choosing your materials
legal stuff
Plan To Take Time Off

Day 11

Right, now lets get into the anxiety inducing topic of pricing.

This makes everyones mind monkeys do the conga in our heads. Everyone who prices up their products accurately looks at the number and says “but no one will pay that”

What you really mean is that you won’t pay that. Of course you wouldn’t, you can crochet, you would make it yourself instead of paying that price.

You are not your target customer, so you are not the best person to judge its value. Your ideal customer is.

So swipe away the conga dancing monkeys, look at the number and go ok then, that’s my price and I’m sticking to it. If you have done a decent job with your descriptions and photos, then the price won’t matter. Your customers are paying to have a problem solved, with your unique, high quality handcrafted creations.

Unique, High Quality, Handcrafted

Those words do not invoke images of cheap prices. They scream expensive. So price them expensively and be proud that your talent allows you to do that. High prices are nothing to be ashamed of, and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous that they don’t have the guts to do the same thing.

So how do we properly price crochet?

Download the work book and watch the video for the work through