Building a successful crochet business
What do you make already?
choose a niche
Naming And Branding
Finding the right customers
Using Social Media
where to sell
writing irresistable descriptions
taking photos
Pricing right
know like and trust
Know your numbers
Start a list
choosing your materials
legal stuff
Plan To Take Time Off

Day 15

We’ve been going through some pretty heavy going topics, so lets have a lighter less brain taxing topic for today

Have you thought about the materials you use to make your creations and how you choose them?

You need your creations to be replicated over and over and turn out the same colour and size as shown in your pictures. This means you need to use the same yarn brand, and the same accessories each time. If you create something with a yarn that has been discontinued, then you can only make that item until your supply runs out.

After that you will have to find an alternative yarn and retake all your photos over again. It’s not worth the effort. Choose an established yarn brand that doesn’t do limited edition runs. The big names are used by most businesses for good reason.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the yarn. 

Bargain brands are easy to spot. The colours look cheaper and the yarn tends to be scratchy. Not features that will go down well with customers. If you are selling your products based on quality, then the quality of the materials you use needs to match the quality of your skills. 

Yes it means more of an investment to buy that better quality of yarn now, but if you don’t you will get customer complaints later. You can’t advertise a quality product with a luxury price tag if it’s made with yarn that you bought from Pound Land, it just won’t satisfy your customers that they got what they paid for