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Day 16

Lets talk about packaging

How you package your products is a chance to continue the luxury experience. When you are starting out and money may be a bit tight, it’s tempting to reuse packaging you have from online orders of your own.

Reusing padding like bubble wrap and brown paper is fine, you want to avoid having other companies branding anywhere. If you’re selling luxury products (which crochet always is) then using packaging that has obviously been used before, doesn’t fit in with that image and could lead to your customer being a little bit dissapointed.

Does it really matter?

Think about the last time that you really splurged on something. How did you feel when you saw that beautifully branded bag or box? Did you feel that the company cared by giving you that lovely packaging? Did it make you feel that you had something special when you unpacked that lovely crisp padding that was obviously new? It’s part of the experience and whether we want to admit it or not, we love it.

Your customers are the same and they want that same special feeling when unwrapping that special purchase from you.

This doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune on packaging. You can buy good decent boxes from ebay, and there are lots of small businesses who print branded stickers and business cards for good prices. You can get really pretty posting wallets too with beautiful designs on if you want to go a bit further.

Some businesses include little gifts in their parcels too like a small bag of sweets. However nice this is, I would advise against this as these cheap sweets don’t fit in with a luxury brand, also this adds to your costs. Your customers are not expecting free sweets, a pre-printed thank you note which you personally sign before posting would have the same effect and fit with your branding if you feel you need to include something.

Keep it simple, and keep it on brand, but make sure your branding is on your packing somewhere.