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Day 17

Lets talk marketing

But we’ve already covered that haven’t we when we talked about social media?


Marketing is a whole lot more than posting on social media. It is a whole strategy that covers everything that you do to advertise your business.

A strategy is a plan that you follow to advertise your business, launch your products on get customers on their know, like and trust journey.

Marketing can be a social media campaign to drive people to sign up to your newsletter. You then send out a newsletter to give a sneak peek about your upcoming product line. You then regularly post about your upcoming product release and talk about the back story, the inspiration while giving little glimpses of what you’re working on (teasing is a great way to get interest). You continue the marketing strategy by posting into other groups about what you’re working on. You make a launch date may be with an event where you will show a video of all your products and an early bird offer if your customers order in the first 24 hours of release (that offer must be incorporated into your pricing).

You advertise the hell out of that date and post the event everywhere you can think of, and start posting on social media more than usual, the posts all focused on your upcoming launch. You want to create as big a buzz as possible. Then when you launch, the countdown timer begins, email your list when you launch, then 12 hours in, then when there is an hour left reminding them to take advantage of your amazing offer.

Then when that offer finishes, put your prices back up, and your marketing campaign is over and you can go back to posting as normal.

Does this sound tiring? It can be, but then it’s up to you how often you launch. Without building a buzz, your sales after launch will be meh

Marketing is a whole strategy designed to bring you a bigger audience or more sales. Without a strategy you are just hoping that someone sees your posts and discovers your launch