Building a successful crochet business
What do you make already?
choose a niche
Naming And Branding
Finding the right customers
Using Social Media
where to sell
writing irresistable descriptions
taking photos
Pricing right
know like and trust
Know your numbers
Start a list
choosing your materials
legal stuff
Plan To Take Time Off

Day 2

Lets start with what you know.

What do you already know how to make, and make well? Make a list, everything from baby booties to wall hangings to little motifs. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you know you can make it well.

Not sure if you make something well enough? 

Well look through this checklist

  • Are your stitches all the same size?
  • Does the finished product look how it’s supposed to look?
  • Is it the right size for it’s intended use?
  • Are you happy for friends and relatives to see it?

If you can say yes to all of the above, then you make things well enough to sell

Now how’s that list looking of what you make well? The next step is to cross off anything you really hate making. Your business will not work if making orders becomes a chore, so if you despise making shoes or bags, then don’t keep them on your list, cross them out. What you sell needs to be something that you will enjoy making over and over again, so only keep those items on your list that you enjoy making multiple times.