Building a successful crochet business
What do you make already?
choose a niche
Naming And Branding
Finding the right customers
Using Social Media
where to sell
writing irresistable descriptions
taking photos
Pricing right
know like and trust
Know your numbers
Start a list
choosing your materials
legal stuff
Plan To Take Time Off

Day 5

Now you’ve made your branding decisions you need to start looking at where to find your customers.

So lets make a list of all the types of people who would be interested in your products. Who is going to be looking for what you sell?

If you make things for nurseries, your going to be looking for new mums or mums to be. If you make wall hangings, your going to be looking for those who are interested in home decor. If you make bags you need to look at what type of personality and age group would be interested in your designs.

Once you’ve done this you need to figure out where they hang out online. Do they use social media? Which platform?

If they use Facebook what groups do they interact in? If they are on Instagram, what hashtags are they following?

You need to be interacting with people in those same places. Comment on relevant posts, strike up a conversation – but don’t be salesy. Offer advise where you can about your niche.

For this to be successful you need to make sure your social media profiles are optimised