No One Will Buy Your Crochet At That Price!

No One Will Buy Your Crochet At That Price!

Social media is a great place to start selling your crochet. You get to connect with yoir audience, chat with them and answer questions. Best of all it’s free with little risk to you before you start to make a profit. But if you’ve been selling your crochet for more than 5 minutes using social media, then I’m sure you’ve heard this already. Some horrible troll gets onto the comments on your post and writes this

No one will buy your crochet at that price!

It really gets to you doesn’t it? I remember when I started out, being so disheartened seeing those comments. Were my products really that bad? Was crochet really that out of fashion that I should resign my creations to the bargain bin and just shut up shop? Was I really expecting too much to sell my creations at the price I felt they were worth?

No. The problem wasn’t with me or what I was making, the problem was with the person who made the comment. That comment was all about them and had absolutely zero to do with me and what I made.

They didn’t mean that no one would buy my crochet at that price. They meant that THEY wouldn’t buy my crochet at that price.

Their ego meant that they couldn’t understand that just because they couldn’t see the value, that no one else would either. They couldn’t see that just because they didn’t like it, that it could be to someone else’s taste and sense of style. That comment was all about their point of view. An opinion, not a fact. It had nothing to do about the quality of my creations at all, not a thing.

Not Everyone Is Your Customer

People like this are not your customer, they are not even a potential customer, therefore you owe them nothing. Ignore them, delete the comment (yes you are allowed to do that) and move on. That can be hard, but you can’t let the odd mean comment destroy all of your hard work and wipe out all of those positive comments you’ve had.

Not everyone will buy from you. Not everyone will appreciate the hard work, time and effort that goes into a crochet piece.

It’s up to you to explain the value. It’s up to you to describe the benefits of what you make. You need to really express the value, the uniqueness, the quality and most of all shout the problem your product solves.

The more you value your creations (and shout loud and proud about it) the more your audience will being to value and appreciate what you make.

Pricing is one of the most anxiety inducing aspects of selling your crochet. But you need to set the prices YOU want. Don’t let those who would never buy from you at any price, dictate what you earn. 

The reason that comments about pricing hurt us so much, is that it is the easiest thing to change about your product listing. Its the easiest thing that you can alter. Humans are inherently lazy, we like to do things the quickest and easiest way possible. And the quickest and easiest thing to mess with when it comes to sales are those numbers in the pricing box. So when someone tells us our pricing is wrong, we know it can be quickly changed.

You need to have confidence in yourself and your crochet. You deserve to be paid for your time as well as covering the cost of the materials you use. If you were working for someone else, you wouldn’t tolerate your employer trying to lower your wages at a moments notice because they decided you weren’t worth it. You would be straight to the HR office, or vote with your feet and find a new job. So why do you tolerate others trying to get you to lower your prices in your business?

Handmade Is Never Cheap

Handmade does not equal cheap. Handmade does not mean low quality. These describe mass produced goods made in 3rd world countries by poorly paid workers.

Handmade equals unique, handmade equals expensive.

Crochet takes a lot of time, a lot of your time that you deserve to earn a decent wage for. Every piece that you make is unique, and you don’t get that with mass produced products where every item is identical to the next. Compared to mass produced factory products, very few people will ever own one of your crochet creations, making them very exclusive. Shops on the High street attach a higher price tag to products described as exclusive, so why shouldn’t you?

Have confidence in yourself, your products and the value of your crochet. When someone leaves a horrid comment about your prices, or messages you whining for a discount, hold firm. Say no, delete the comment, ignore the message. You know your worth, and it is not your problem that they are out for a discount.

If they walked into Tiffany’s saying the same things they are saying to you, they would be laughed out of the shop. Why? Because Tiffany know what they are worth and know that people like this are simply not their customers. 

Value your crochet, and shout loud and proud about it. Your true customers who see the value in your creations will buy from you at any price. You just need to keep harping on about the quality, exclusivity and uniqueness of what you make.

Anyone who doesn’t value you and your crochet, can quite frankly, jog on and go buy the boring mass produced factory stuff and just own something tens of thousands of other people own.

You are unique and exclusive. Isn’t it about time you charged an exclusive price tag?

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