Pricing For Profit – How To Price Your Crochet To Sell

Pricing can be one of the most anxiety inducing elements of selling your crochet. Are you pricing too high? Will no one buy because Doris down the road sells cheaper, maybe if I drop the price the sales will come flooding in All these points have one thing in common, they involve lowering your prices.

But often, that is the worst thing you can do In this video Masterclass I will show you how to price your crochet so you can make the money you deserve. I will tell you the psychology behind price points so that you can choose the best pricing strategy for your products. I will explain why pricing low can actually make your sales worse, and how you will have better success by raising them.

You will have instant and lifetime access to this course, so sign up now and gain confidence in your prices and price your crochet for profit


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