Are You A Passionate Crochet Creative?

Use your crochet to ditch the 9-5 and build a thriving business , so that you can have the freedom to spend more time on family , friends and yourself

Unlike other crochet business coaches, I show you how to create recurring income in your business so that you can put down your hook and enjoy stable, consistent revenue doing what you love.

If you are thinking about starting a crochet business or are already making money from your crochet then you are in the right place.

The Knowledge You Need For Your Crochet Business

When you are just getting started it can feel so overwhelming figuring out how to start selling anything at all

Here at Crochet Business School you will discover the tools and know how you need to take those shortcuts and start making money from your crochet sooner and without the pain of figuring it all out for yourself.

Lets start off the right way and earn what you deserve for your amazing crochet creations

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Business Building Tips

Are you looking for tips on how a crochet business works? My blog has lots of articles filled with tips and advice on how a crochet business works, how to market your products and tips to improve your profits

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Discover how to write , sell and profit from crochet patterns. Learn how to start writing your own crochet patterns and how you can use them to earn a full time income and live the life you dream of

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Join our Facebook community Join your fellow crochet sellers to build your support network, make connections and discover tips and advice to increase your sales and grow your dream crochet business 

Crochet Business School Blog

This is my blog with lots of tips and information to help you build your crochet business

Are You Pricing Your Crochet Like A Treat?

Are You Pricing Your Crochet Like A Treat?

Pricing your crochet can feel like a dark art and causes more anxiety to crochet sellers than just about any other task within their business. We constantly second guess are prices compared to others as if buying crochet should be an everyday thing instead of being a...

Crochet Selling For Introverts

Crochet Selling For Introverts

Are you an introvert that can crochet and want to start selling your amazing creations and share your talent to bring in that much needed cash? Let me tell you all about crochet selling for introverts. It's an unfortunate fact that the world of selling is much easier...

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