Make A Living From Your Crochet Patterns

Make A Living From Your Crochet Patterns

Sales from crochet patterns is a multi million pound industry with Ravelry alone processing over $20 million of sales each year. So what is stopping you from tapping into this huge market and being able to make a living from your crochet patterns?

Well the only thing stopping you, is YOU! It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You just need some time, confidence and a bit of know how to get your crochet patterns working hard and bringing in enough money for you to live on, Read on and I’ll tell you more

Make A Living From Your Crochet Patterns

The 1st thing to remember when setting out on this crochet pattern profiting journey, is that there are far more ways of making money than just selling your patterns.

In fact if you want to make a living from your crochet patterns, then you need to take advantage of these additional income streams and not just rely on direct sales of your designs.

For example, did you know that you can actually make a good deal of money from free crochet patterns on your blog or YouTube channel? – you can grab a list of 11 different ways to benefit from free crochet patterns here

Maximising your revenue from your crochet patterns can take a bit of work to set up, but once your system is in place it becomes a profit making machine with your patterns at the heart of the whole setup. This system is what I call your Crochet Profit Web™ and how you put that together is personalised to you and your preferences for bringing in that income.

Your Crochet Profit Web™ is your blueprint for all these additional streams of income that you use in addition to direct pattern sales. There are so many options for you to choose from including Advertising revenue, book sales, sponsorship, affiliate marketing and so much more.

There are no obligatory revenue streams meaning that you get to choose the income making ideas that work for you and that you enjoy. So you get to build the crochet pattern business of your dreams – That you enjoy working on each day and that brings in the income you need to not only pay the bills but to give you the freedom to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Why Can’t I Just Sell My Patterns?

Well you could, but you would be leaving easy money on the table. Why do that when you can make your crochet patterns work harder at little extra effort for yourself compared with designing and writing a new pattern?

If you just sell your patterns then you will need to keep churning out new patterns to keep the momentum going. If you just add affiliate links for example, you can increase how much profit you can make from each pattern significantly and you are helping your buyers by making it easier for them to purchase exactly what they need to recreate your design. After all, your customers want to make your design for themselves and have it look exactly like your pictures, that means using the same yarn, in the same colours as you. By including an affiliate link you are helping them to recreate your design exactly and bringing in extra income for you at no expense to your buyers – Win Win!

This means you get far more income from each pattern making life easier for you, your customers and you can take the chance to work less if you choose to.

In short, it pays massively to look at other ways to make your crochet patterns bring in the cash for you.

So how can you tie in other income streams to your crochet patterns?

I have a list of 12 income streams that can be connected to your designs to maximise your profits so that you can make a living from your crochet patterns. Click here to grab it for free now.

Bringing in that extra income from each of your patterns is all about making life easier for your followers. If they are interested in your hat pattern, maybe you have a matching scarf pattern that they may be interested in? If you have a design that uses Mosaic crochet, do you have a class that teaches that technique for those that are new to Mosaic?

You are not trying to bombard your followers with never ending offers, you are offering to make things easier for them. That’s why creating your own Crochet Profit Web™ is such a successful and profitable system. You don’t offer anything that doesn’t fit with your crochet patterns and it’s all designed to be helpful to your followers and make it easier for them to enjoy their crochet.

How To Get Started With Your Crochet Profit Web™

Start by taking a look at your list of extra income options and decide which you would like to add to your business. Just choose one to start with and then brainstorm some ideas for how to make it fit with your existing patterns. What content can you create, what offers can you put in front of your followers that they would find helpful and enjoy?

Your Crochet Profit Web™ shows how the different parts of your business links together so that you can see at a glance how you can make the most of your marketing opportunities.

It’s about working smarter, not harder to make your life easier while keeping the cash flow flowing.

Once you have your Profit Web you can see exactly how the different pieces connect and how everything connects to your crochet patterns at the heart of it. All roads lead to your crochet designs and all other income streams are only possible because of your patterns.

How you choose to create your income streams around your crochet patterns is entirely up to you, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or have tonnes of working parts. You build your income your way, and whichever way you choose you can definitely make a living from your crochet patterns.

So what is stopping you from getting started today and make writing and profiting from crochet patterns your career?

If you are ready to turn your crochet business into a recurring profit machine, there are 3 ways I can help you :

  1. Listen to my podcast for more crochet tips and advice
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