Are Your Product Photos Clickable?

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Product photos are the first impression a customer has of your business and the first impression your photo makes is your biggest chance of making a sale.

When customers are searching for the product they want, they are shown a series of photos and they will make the decision on which to click to find out more about, based on the photo that they are shown

Are your photos clickable?

Your product photos are the only way that your customers can see and get a feel for if your product is right for them when you’re selling online. It’s not like a store on the high street. They can’t go in and pick it up. They can’t twist it around, look at it all angles.

They can’t try it on, or accurately see the size. You have to provide all that information in your photos and descriptions and of course your photos are the first thing they see. Your photos may be the only thing they see if they are not compelling enough for your customer to scroll down and read the description.

When looking through a list of products. It’s the photos that people focus on, as that is really the only piece of information that they have in front of them. So your photo has to catch their attention and make them want to click to find out more about what you’re selling.

Your photos are also the first impression that potential customers have of your business overall. What do your photos say about you and your brand? What do they say about your professionalism? Would you feel comfortable buying from someone who uses product photos like you do? You need them to stand out. You need them to look good. You need them to convey all the information a customer needs to feel comfortable buying that product from you and convince them that you are someone who can be trusted to deliver on your promises and provide a pain free selling experience.

Most selling platforms allow you to upload multiple images of each of your products, and you should take full advantage of each photo slot available. The more you include, the more the customer has a chance to see if your crochet is the right product for them.

What Are The Key Elements Of A Good Product Photo?

Well, the first thing is that they need to be clear. Your product needs to be in sharp focus, so you can see all the details. It needs to be brightly lit in natural light so that potential customers can be confident that the colours are true and be confident that they know that they will receive the colour that they see on the screen.

One of the biggest mistakes I see about product photos is them being taken in a room with no natural light. A light bulb is obviously lighting the scene and it’s on a bed sheet, that bed sheet looks creased, the light looks yellow, and it really doesn’t look professional. So when that photo is put against all the other professional type photos on Etsy or anywhere, it doesn’t look good so won’t get clicked. A photo with a yellow hue looks bad when put next to bright naturally lit photos.

You also want an uncluttered background and your product to be centre of attention. Its good to use a prop or two to give your product context on how it is used or to give an indication of size, but props should never draw attention away from your product. Props are there to enhance your picture and give it character rather than look like those cold, hard images on Amazon which are all on a white background.

There’s nothing worse than a tonne of props in a photo that make it look cluttered, obscure parts of your product and can even make it confusing as to what is actually for sale.

But How Do I Get Amazing Looking Product Photos On A Budget?

It’s easier than you think. You can take your own professional looking, clickable product photos using just your smartphone and some free picture editing apps.

I’ve only ever used my phone for my product pictures, and I get compliments for them all the time. They compare well to other product photos on Etsy, and have all the details in them necessary for a buying decision to go my way.

Once you get your set up right, it becomes a really easy process and your photos will become an integral part of your brand. This means that your followers will recognise one of your photos as bring taken by you, before they see anything with your name on it.

Would you like to know more on how to take product photos with your smartphone that will get your products selling? Click here for my ebook on how to take Smartphone Product Photos That Sell

This ebook shows you how to light and prop your pictures, how to choose a suitable background, and how to edit your pictures on free editing apps to give them a polished finish.

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Remember, your photos are first and sometimes only chance to catch a buyers attention, so make sure each and every photo counts and that you are making your product photos clickable

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