Can You Make An Income From Selling Crochet Patterns?

Can I Make A Decent Income From Selling Crochet Patterns?

Crochet patterns are always in huge demand. There are millions of crocheters looking for patterns to buy everyday! It’s a huge market, and there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of that demand to sell your own designs and make yourself a decent income from selling crochet patterns.

But can you make a decent income or even a full time salary from selling crochet patterns?

Yes you can, and many designers do. Tinna, Crystals and Crochet, Ira Rott designs are full time crochet pattern designers. They have a huge following which keeps growing each year because their beautiful designs keep getting shown off on social media by the proud crocheters who bought the patterns.

Each designer has their own unique styles and tend to specialise in a certain technique or type of pattern.

Tinna is known for using the Mosaic crochet technique. Crystals and Crochet is known for her stunning intricate Mandala style blankets, and Ira Rott designs patterns for nursery and kids bedroom settings.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy or building up to a full time income selling crochet patterns will happen overnight. It takes time to build up a pattern library that will bring you that kind of income. You need a decent number of patterns that sell regularly to start seeing a liveable income.

How Long Does It Take?

It also takes time to build up a following, an audience who will find each of your new patterns irresistible. 

But the more patterns you create, the more chances you have of being found in pattern searches on the sites you choose to sell on, and the more sales you’ll make and the more your designs will get talked about. The more your designs get talked about and shared, the more followers you will gain.

Also, the longer you have been designing patterns, the more time you have to build your audience. You will find that you get dedicated followers, who will be interested in every pattern you write, just because you wrote it. Your audience become used to your pattern style. They like the type of patterns you make, and they know that are well written and easily followed. So every time you release a pattern, your followers will be interested in buying it straight away so that they have another of your fabulous designs.

The income you can make from your patterns increases over time. The more you build your pattern library, the more income you will see. Because remember, once you’ve written the pattern it is there, available for sale to be bought at any time. It never goes out of date. It’s just there waiting for someone to find it and buy it. So the more patterns you write, the more sales you make, and the bigger the income you will see. 

If you keep designing, your pattern sales will build year on year. But it does take time to build up that reputation. To build up the number of patents you need to be able to make a full time income. 

Are There Any Other Ways To Earn Money With Patterns?

Don’t forget you can also maximise your revenue potential from your designs by adding affiliate links to your patterns. So just by adding an affiliate link so that your customers can buy the yarn that you recommend to create your pattern, you can gain yourself a bit of extra income and help your customers by directing them straight to the correct yarn to use. 

A lot of people buy patterns based on wanting to make an exact replica of the photos you show them. So they want the same colours and the same type of yarn that you used. So by providing an affiliate link, you are helping them to do that so it’s another way of getting a bit of extra income from all your patterns and a great way to help your customers get what they want too.

Making a full time income from selling crochet patterns does take time and work, but it is definitely doable

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