5 Ways To Make Money Fast From Crochet

5 Ways To Make Money Fast With Your Crochet

It happens to all of us, an unexpected bill comes in or we find ourselves short at the end of the month. We need to make money fast, and of course as a crocheter you have the option of selling what you make

It is possible to make some quick sales with your crochet so you can sort out that unexpected financial crunch. You just need to sit down and do a bit of planning.

Whether you are selling for the first time, or you have some existing customers, you can use your crochet to make some quick cash. So how do you do it?

There’s a lot of ways that you can make money fast from crochet and some of them depend on you having a large following on social media. Some of them need you to have a little bit of cash upfront and some of them need you to spend a little bit of time on them. So here are 5 options for you to make money fast from crochet, so you can choose which options suit you best. 

If you want to go into the strategy of selling your crochet quickly in far more detail, I have a workshop available for instant access here

Make Something Quick And Sell

The first way is the obvious one. Make something and sell it. We want to make money quickly without spending any money upfront if possible, so you want to use your existing yarn stash and items that will work up quick and have a high chance of selling quickly. Take a look at what you’ve already been selling, and has sold well. Have your existing customers been suggesting or asking for anything?

What time of year is it? Is there anything little you can make for Valentines, as wedding favours or Easter gift ideas? Christmas decorations tend to be quick to make as is bunting. Reusable water balloons and popsicle holders are popular in summer

If you’re stuck for ideas, I have made a list of 50 crochet ideas that will work up quick and sell. You can get your copy here.

The list has 50 pattern ideas that have proven popular recently or have been good sellers for years. If you’re stuck for some quick bits to crochet up, this list should definately spark some ideas

Put A Sale On

The next idea is to put a sale on for existing stock that you haven’t managed to sell yet. You can raise some much needed cash fast, and make some room and clear out some old stock at the same time.

This comes with the caveat that you shouldn’t put sales on too often. If you’re putting on sales more than three times a year, then you are training your audience to only buy from you when you have a sale on, they will simply wait a few weeks, and then buy from you at that sale price, never at full price. 

Selling your existing stock may mean that you don’t make as much profit as you would have done or planned to. However if you are in a bit of a bind, you can make money quick by accepting a loss on your profits to gain more sales than you would have done otherwise.

If you don’t have any stock to put on sale, then you can announce a flash sale on all your social media and in your newsletter and offer a percentage off all your products for 3 days only. By offering a limited time sale your customers will fear missing out on your fantastic offer, so are more likely to place an order, and of course you are going to take payment up front before starting any work. This means you can have the cash in your pocket pretty quickly.

The Reverse Sale

Another way to bring in some extra cash is to hold a reverse sale. So instead of saying I’ve cut my prices, you say this is your last chance to get them at this price, because I’m putting my prices up. This one can be a bit scary, but I’ve had a lot of success with this.

I’ve found the reverse sale to be more successful than lowering the price as it brings the fear of permanently missing out. A traditional sale may happen again, but price rises tend to be more permanent. It’s a bit of reverse psychology, but this can be a more successful tactic than holding a traditional sale. 

Its also a great way of announcing your price rises and showing that you value what you have to offer and the quality of your skills. And of course means that you will make larger profits in the future – win win!

What’s Trending?

The next method is to capitalise on trends. This can take more time to get some test pieces together, but if you take orders and have your customers pay up front (I recommend doing this all the time), you can bring in the cash you need. 

Lately scrunchies are quite popular, and wind spinners are quite a new thing, but they’re very, very popular at the minute. In the past, we’ve had the messy bun hats that went viral, we’ve had the Bernie Sanders mitts, pocket shawls and mermaid blankets. What do you feel confident in making that is trending right now? How much time do you have before you really need to see that cash in your account? Use the answers to these questions to decide which trends to take advantage of.

You could use this list of 50 quick crochet makes that will sell to help you come up with some ideas.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money from crochet quickly is to recommend products. This is called affiliate marketing, where you team up with a company. And they give you a special link. And every time you recommend one of their products, and one of your customers buys through that link, the company will give you a percentage of the sale. 

Amazon is the quickest one to get affiliated with there, approval for affiliation is pretty much instant, and you get access to their entire site, you can create an affiliate link for absolutely anything on Amazon. There is also LoveCrafts for recommending crochet supplies, great for if you write crochet patterns so you can show your customers exactly what you use.

Affiliate marketing works best if you can slip the recommendation into things quite naturally. If you’re going to recommend products, make sure that it fits with what you’re selling. So if you’re selling nursery items, and then start trying to recommend a set of steak knives, it’s not going to work. It’s going to feel very forced. Affiliate marketing works best when it fits very naturally. So for example, if you’re making, say, hair slides for little girls, then it’s very natural to show how to store them. 

There you have it, 5 ways to make money from crochet quickly. Choose the option that works best, or choose several and the best of luck in making that money fast

There are 3 ways that I can help you grow your crochet sales.

If you are ready to turn your crochet business into a recurring profit machine, there are 3 ways I can help you :

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