Is It Worth Starting A Crochet Blog In 2023?

Is It Worth Starting A Crochet Blog In 2023?

Are you thinking of starting a crochet blog in 2023? Are you wondering whether it’s worth it and if it will help you grow your business? Well let me tell you all about how a crochet blog can help you grow your business and skyrocket your profits.

A blog is simply a page on a website where you publish posts just like this one. But these posts are powerful tools for your crochet business.

A crochet blog can be extremely profitable in more ways than just earning you money.

A blog can persuade people to sign up to your newsletter. It can show potential customers if your patterns are well written so they feel comfortable buying your paid patterns. They can be a place to showcase the paid patterns and courses you have to offer. And of course they can earn you money through affiliate marketing and renting out ad space.

That’s an awful lot that your crochet blog can do for you in 2023!

Your blog won’t start doing all of this for you overnight though. It takes time to set up your blog and create content that your target audience will be searching for. And of course it takes time to become practised at writing blogs. It’s a skill and takes time to get right so that you start to appear in the results pages of search engines like Google and Bing.

But is starting a crochet blog worth it in 2023? Absolutely!

Think of a blog as a long term investment. You put the work in now to reap the reward later.

The hard part to stomach, is that if you start your blog in 2023, you probably won’t start seeing the results coming in until 2024 and that’s if you are posting content consistently. It really is a long term strategy and you do have to dedicate yourself to it in order to get that pay off.

How Do I Start My Crochet Blog?

Getting started is the easy part. The most important things you are going to need are a domain name and a website host.

If you’re in it for the long haul and you’re committed then I recommend using WordPress with SiteGround as your host, but there are many other hosting services around. I recommend doing your homework so you can decide which is the right choice for you.

I also recommend using the Divi theme so that you can create a visually appealing site. You can add your own pictures, effects and different types of text blocks using this fairly easy to master theme. These are all what I’ve used to set up this blog and website and it’s worked very well and relatively easily for me and let’s me add on additional services as and when I need to.

This does cost money, but it’s a yearly fee. Look at it as an investment that you will see your money returned plus more at a later date.

As of April 2023, the fees to start a crochet blog with a set up like mine are around:

These fees need to be paid when you set up your blog, but then that is all the essential costs covered for the year.

As long as you get to work and get your site up and running and consistently post new content, you can make that back within the year.

What Can I Post On My Crochet Blog To Make Money?

You need to post content that is valuable to your audience. This is usually to answer questions.

Think about what you search Google for. You’re usually looking for the answer to a question or are looking for a solution to a problem. If the content you create solves a problem or directly answers the question someone is searching for, then your post could appear in the search results. Then you have a chance of your answer being clicked on and gaining eyes on your blog. 

The more posts you have on your blog, the more clicks you get, so more people come and read your content  and the more profits you will make. There are many ways that you can make money from blog posts from promoting your own products to affiliate marketing to renting out ad space. But profiting from any of these means that you need that traffic. To gain that traffic you need posts that are helpful and solve the problems that readers want answered.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money From A Crochet Blog?

You’re not going to see the money rolling in overnight. It takes time to build up your content and more time still for search engines to decide whether you’re a trustworthy source that they are happy to have appear in their search results.

You’re looking at 6 months before Google starts sending you traffic and 18 months onwards to start seeing a profit. It really is a long term strategy, and the content you create is the key to seeing those profits rolling in in the future.

Is A Crochet Blog Worth All That Work?

Absolutely. If you want recurring revenue in your crochet business and to gain a reputation as the go to person for crochet solutions and answers then a blog is essential.

Your blog can pay for itself plus earn you an income you can live on without having to directly sell anything.

Some bloggers can make over $5000 a month just from ad revenue from their blogs! Now wouldn’t you love to tap into that kind of income?

Getting to this point isn’t easy buy the rewards are definitely worth it, and don’t forget you cam also use your blog to gain income from affiliate marketing and from promoting your own paid patterns and courses too.

Don’t forget that a blog is just a page on a website, so having a blog gives you many more opportunities to use your website to sell products and get your whole business and brand found through Internet search engines. Not only this but it can provide you with opportunities to earn an income from people coming to just read your content.

You don’t have to have a blog to grow your crochet business, but if it is a route you choose to go down then it can provide you with some amazing earning potential – it just won’t happen overnight.

When you are ready there are 3 other ways that I can help you:

  1. Come and join my crochet pattern profiting membership The Hookers Academy
  2. Sign up to my newsletter for weekly crochet selling tips and resources sent straight to your inbox
  3. Check out my free Facebook group for daily tips, resources and support




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