Making Crochet Videos For Introverts

Making Crochet Videos For Introverts

Video is big right now, its the biggest and most popular type of content being produced. All the social media platforms and Google search results are promoting video above all other types of content.

Facebook promotes video content over everything. Instagram reels are the most popular feature on their platform. Even Pinterest is pushing video pins over regular static pins and don’t get me started on the popularity of TikTok.

Video gives you a far better chance if connecting with your audience. You can convey much more in a 1 minute video then a post that takes 1 minute to read.

Video is more entertaining, it can be fun, informative, educational or all of the above. It is easy content to consume, so your audience is more likely to watch a video than read a post. This is why all of the platforms are pushing video content to the top of their platforms.

Videos don’t have to be long. Just look at how successful TikTok has become purely based on very short videos. You can make your videos as long or short as you want, and of course a longer video can be broken up into smaller chunks to repurpose it for other platforms where shorter videos are preferred. 

For example, you could take a long video made for YouTube and break it up into 3 five minute videos to post on Facebook. You could choose a few 30 second clips that are key to your message to post on TikTok or Instagram reels. 

You don’t have to make a brand new video about the same content for each platform, you just need to be clever with your editing.

If you really want to skyrocket your brand as quickly as possible, then you need to add video to your posting strategy no matter which social media platform is your favourite place to post 

But how do you tap into this extra promotion opportunity if you don’t want to be on camera yourself? Being an introvert while needing to promote your business can feel like an uphill struggle. But it doesn’t have to be. There are ways that you can take advantage of the popularity of video without ever having to appear, or even speak on video.

I’m the same as you, I’m a classic introvert. I hate showing myself on camera. I rarely take photos of myself and have just one picture that I’m happy to post on my website. But I have tonnes of videos on my YouTube channel that I also share on my website, and not a single one of them shows my face. I have no plans to change that strategy either. I have grown easier with speaking on my videos, but that’s come through plenty of practice and toughing it out.

It’s pretty normal in this day and age of ultra filtered celebrities on Instagram pretending that they don’t have a single blemish or fine line or wrinkle (a complete lie, but our brains buy it) These “perfect” videos can make us mere mortals feel very insecure about showing ourselves on camera, and we tend to fuss over every little detail until we just scream no and throw the camera down or just delete what we just filmed (I’ve been guilty of this several times!)

As great as video can be for our businesses, putting our face on it can just be too anxiety inducing. But fear not, there are other options so you can jump onto the video making bandwagon, but don’t have to appear on video at all.

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Demonstration Videos

These are great if you just want to show you in the process of making something, or if you want to film a stitch tutorial. The only part of you on camera is your hands, and then you can speak about what your doing as a voice over. 

Audience’s love to see the creation process, and gives them a connection to your product making them more likely to buy. This works for both products and patterns.

What might seem a boring everyday thing to you, is a fascinating process for those who don’t crochet to watch.

To make these types of videos you will need a stand to hold your phone or camera. I love my Arkon stand. It’s fully adjustable and sturdy, so it’s not moving even if I accidentally knock it when getting overly enthusiastic when pulling more yarn out of the ball (it’s happened more than a few times!). But you can also buy great value flexi neck phone holders that clip onto a desk top.

Packing Videos

You could make a video of your products being packaged up, or even an unboxing video – very popular right now!

This taps into the expectation of receiving one of your fabulous creations. How a product is packaged can really add to the luxury shopping experience, so show your customers what they can expect when they choose to purchase products from you and the experience they can dream about after they place an order

Slide Show Video

Slide shows are super easy to make using photos – no video filming required. These types of videos are great for showing off your current product line, or showing the step by step process of the item being created.

You can make these videos easily in Canva, and even add text and graphics to the photos to make them have even more of an impact. Canva is super easy to use and you can make these types of videos using the free version.

Supplies Video

Show off the supplies you use. Get your yarn stash out and give it a squish on camera – everyone likes yarn porn lol. Show off the colour choices you have available to choose from, show how soft and squishy your yarn is so your audience can imagine how soft it will be in their hands. You could also use showing off your colour selection to ask your viewers which colour is their favourite and encourage comments as they answer you.

Video is more popular than ever right now, and is definitely here to stay. Adding video to your marketing strategy is the way to go if you want to give your business a boost and connect with your audience more easily

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