Why Writing Crochet Patterns Is A Brilliant Business Move

Why Writing Crochet Patterns Is A Brilliant Business Move

Writing your own crochet patterns to sell is a brilliant business move. But why? Why does adding patterns to your crochet business as a revenue source make so much sense?

  • Patterns sell without needing as much effort as selling what you make
  • The more patterns you write, the more income you make
  • Patterns are always in high demand
  • Once they sell, you don’t need to do anything else

Crochet patterns are always in high demand. And I predict that in 2022, demand for them will go through the roof! Crochet patterns are the closest thing to passive income you can have in your business. You do the work once then sell them again and again. You don’t have to make, package or post anything after you make the sale, its all automated. What’s not to love?!

Crochet Patterns Sell All Year Round

Patterns are also constantly in demand so you’re not subject to changes in seasons or downturns in the economy like you are with selling what you make. When selling physical products you get periods of high demand e.g. Christmas, and times when things can go utterly quiet like in the summer. Selling crochet patterns can protect you from these fluctuations in your income.

There are millions of crocheters in the English speaking world and a lot of them are looking for crochet patterns to work from.

During an economic crunch (like we’re starting to see now) the demand for patterns goes up. Why? because more people are looking to plug their financial gap by making things to sell, so are looking for patterns to use. And to save money people are looking for patterns to make as gifts instead of going out and buying something.

So why not tap into this huge, huge markets and add yourself some easy repeatable income that only requires you to do the work once?

Once you’ve created you pattern, selling it I’d much the same as selling physical items. You need great looking, clear photos from different angles and you need to know who you’re marketing it too, so you can use the right keywords in your description that they are searching for. 

Where To Sell Your Patterns

There are 3 main sites that I would recommend for listing your pattern for sale, and I would use all 3 to maximise your sales. These platforms are Etsy, LoveCrafts and Ravelry

Ravelry is by far the biggest and most popular pattern site, but Etsy is the best for getting random sales without driving traffic to it. I have to drive all the traffic I can to my Ravelry store, but all of my Etsy sales come from searches made by people just browsing Etsy to see what they can find. But all the platform need similar information, and work by using the keywords in your titles and descriptions to match your patterns to a customers search request.

My favourite thing about selling patterns, is that they sell while you sleep. It’s so amazing to wake up in the morning and seeing the sales notifications from during the night.

How Much Can You Make Selling Patterns?

The more you build your pattern library, the more money you can make from selling your crochet patterns. After all, the more choice you can offer, the more you can sell. Customers who find they like your pattern and writing style will come back for more of your patterns, and will follow you to see what you are working on next.

I still make sales with my very first crochet patterns regularly. I don’t even market them very often, they just get found in pattern searches.It will take time to build up your pattern collection, but it will be very well worth the effort to build up the income from them. Remember, apart from some marketing every so often, selling patterns is far less work than selling physical items that you make.

With so many benefits from selling crochet patterns, can you really afford to not have them as part of your business strategy?

If you are ready to turn your crochet business into a recurring profit machine, there are 3 ways I can help you :

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