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Running any business on your own can be a lonely thing. When there’s no one working with you that you can turn to for advice, or reassurance that you’re on the right track. That’s why I created the Crochet Seller Support Group.

A Supportive Community 

The Crochet Seller Support Group is a supportive community for anyone who makes money through crochet. Whether that be by selling what you make, selling your own crochet patterns, course creators, crochet teachers or any other Crochet money making venture. All are welcome to join and take advantage of the Support and advice offered by the group.

The idea is to build a network of fellow crochet sellers that you can turn to for advice and reassurance or even just a general chat so that you can combat that feeling of being totally alone in this. You’re not alone, when you join the group you will have a whole community to turn to who all understand where you’re coming from.

Support Not Compete

Some believe that anyone else who sells crochet is a competitor, not to be trusted and not to be interacted with for fear of ideas being stolen and customers poached. This is such a wrong belief.

There is more than enough business out there for everyone – even though it often doesn’t feel that way, but that’s just because you haven’t found your marketing sweet spot yet. Once you find the marketing strategy that works for you, you will wonder why you ever thought that there wasn’t much business out there.

Fellow Crochet Business owners and side hustlers are not your competitors. They are the ones who understand and appreciate the struggle of building a customer base and bringing in the necessary profit. They will be your biggest cheerleaders and you will also be theirs, after all you should give as much as you take from the community.

The Crochet Seller Support Group is all about supporting each other
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It’s often difficult for our family and friends to understand that people will pay for what we offer – it’s just crochet after all and who is going to spend their hard earned money on that and especially at those prices? They don’t get why they are wrong and in order to protect us, they may turn into naysayers as they don’t want to see us get hurt by failure. So we often have to turn to our fellow Crochet Sellers for Support and advice, and we are a friendly bunch on the whole with a whole array of tips and tricks that we’ve discovered to hone our brand, attract new customers and make the money we need to make our ambitions a reality.

Having a supportive community at your fingertips can turn that lonely sole trader venture into an exciting friend filled one where you no longer have to go it alone.

How Does The Group Work

When you request to join the Crochet Sellers Support Group you will have the option to leave your email address to subscribe to the Crochet Business School newsletter. A once a week email with selling tips, ideas and thoughts to help you grow your sales. 

This is purely optional though, you can skip this question and just agree to the group rules. No promotion except on dedicated posts (this is not the place to be advertising your wares – no one here is your ideal customer) be respectful of each other and if you have nothing kind to say just scroll on.

Once you’re admitted to the group, come and introduce yourself. Create a post telling us what you sell and your journey so far. Reply to comments and start to get to know your fellow crochet sellers.

In the group I will be posting thoughts and tips about selling and ways to make money from crochet to get you thinking about how you can grow and adapt your business to improve your sales.

I’ll post about blogs I have that you may find an interesting read.

I’ll also post questions and threads for you to answer and ask questions of your own.

Your Role In The Crochet Seller Support Group

You also have a role to play here. You see, if you don’t get involved or interact with anyone else, then you will not get the most out of this.

The supportive community can only support you if you post your questions, and answer questions posed by others.

I can only do so much. I can give you tips and advice, and you will learn things from what I post. But unless you post into the group as well, then the group will never meet its true potential.

Never be afraid to ask a question. No question is silly, as we’ve all had to learn from scratch, we’ve all been there.

Just because you are an amazing crocheter, doesn’t mean that you know how to sell your crochet. Creating and selling are two completely different skill sets and you have to learn that skill somewhere. Why not here?

I’ve been on that same journey you are now on. Take advantage of mine and the other knowledge of how to sell, and bring money into your business by posting your questions into the group. You will find a friendly community that wants you to succeed and is all too happy to help. And if anyone ever does get nasty, report it and they will be expelled from the group as this goes against the group rules.

The Crochet Seller Support Group is open to everyone no matter how you choose to make money from crochet or which country you come from.

Come and take advantage of everyone’s knowledge and support (including mine), make new friends and give as much as you receive all completely free of charge. Click here to join us now

There are 3 ways that I can help you make money from your crochet

1. sign up to the Crochet Business School newsletter, for weekly tips on growing your crochet business, straight into your inbox.

2. You can also check out the Podcast for biweekly bite sized episodes on issues you should think about to grow your crochet business

3. Come and join our Facebook Crochet Sellers Support Group to connect with others on the same journey as you as well as regular checking in and tips from me


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