The Importance Of Goals To Grow Your Crochet Business

The Importance Of Goals To Grow Your Crochet Business

Do you have a goal or target in mind, a reason that you’re selling your crochet?

If you are selling to raise funds for a holiday, or so that you can replace your income from your job, or because you need some extra cash in your pocket each month, you will find having a goal helpful. Something that you really want to achieve that you are completely invested in.

Business is like a roller coaster. You will experience highs and lows as things go well and then sales become slow. As you get tonnes of interaction from your audience one minute, then stone cold silence the next.

No matter how hard we try, we will never feel on a happy high with our business all the time. After all, if business was easy everyone would have one. The business roller coaster has us soaring to fabulous highs one minute where we feel like we can conquer the world, and throwing us down to a low the next minute when we wonder if we’re good enough to achieve anything at all.

Sales can slow down at certain times of the year, and go through the roof at other times. Algorithms change so our social media posts don’t get as much engagement and life can get in the way and we have less time to spend on our business. All this means that our mental demeanor takes a hit.

There will be times that you feel frustrated, you will have times when you wonder if its all worth it and question whether you should throw in the towel. There will be times when you think that nothing is working and that you’re just not cut out for business.

None of this is true by the way, you absolutely can do it, but it can be hard to remember this when it feels like everything is going against you.

This is when those goals can really help you to keep soldiering on and keep going.

This is why those goals and targets need to be something that really means something to you.

The more specific you get when setting your goals, the more you can feel the possibility, the more you can feel the likelihood of them becoming a reality. The more invested you are, the more you will be determined to keep going, as the idea of pushing through will be far less painful than letting go of your dream.

An arbitrary number like earning £2000 a month means nothing, its just a number, unless you attach the why to it.

What Is Your Why?

Why do you want to make £2000 a month from selling your crochet? What does this mean you can do? Does it mean that you can quit your job and have the freedom of working for yourself? Does it mean that you can pay of debts and finally feel financially free? Does it mean that you can afford that trip of a lifetime that you feared would never happen?

The What you want isn’t the important part of goal setting. It’s the Why you want it. The Why can give you the strength to pick yourself back up and keep pushing forward even when you hit these low points. It’s what will sustain you even when it feels like everything is going wrong.

So how are you going to keep your Why at the forefront of your mind for when you need it most so you can come through the other side of that low patch that you’ve found yourself in?

Vision Boards

Vision boards can really help you with this, and they are super easy to create.

You can go the traditional route and cut pictures out of magazines and stick them to a huge A2 piece of card, and get your coloured pens out to write your goals on too. Make it bright and obvious. Choose pictures that inspire and maybe make you just that little bit jealous and make you almost drool with longing to achieve for yourself. You should then hang this up in a place that you will see it often.

Another option is to go digital, and use Pinterest to create your vision board and fill it with images and ideas that represent your ultimate goal, adding to it as often as you need to re enforce those goals.

The more detail you add to your board, the more you become invested and can see the steps you need to take in order to achieve that ultimate target.

What If My Goal Is Huge?

If you’re goal is very big and will take a good deal of time and sales to reach, then break it down into smaller steps.

If your dream is a no expenses spared trip to Disney World and to fly there first class, then start by making enough sales to pay for the taxi fair to the airport.

This is a nice small goal for when you start out, and feels much more attainable than setting out the full amount right from the start. But you should know what the full amount is, and how much you need for each plane seat, how much for each hotel room, how much for the park entry tickets. Each of these things is a new goal to reach and allows you to break the big dream down to smaller, much more easily reached targets.

Step by step, bit by bit is the best way to approach big dreams, and if these dreams mean enough to you, you will make those dreams come true one day

Having a goal in mind will really help you to push through those low, frustrating times and really help you to grow your crochet business and sustain it. Get specific and keep that visual close by and at your fingertips, so you can remind yourself Why you are doing this even when times get tough and keep reminding yourself of the importance of your goals to grow your crochet business

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